Ceramic braces

Why Ceramic Braces May Be the Right Treatment for You

From traditional metal braces to invisible aligners, it’s no secret that you’ve got quite a few options when it comes to choosing your orthodontic treatment. One of the main concerns of patients is how braces may affect their appearance, but with improved treatment methods, this doesn’t have to be the case. Ceramic braces are a top choice for those who want their treatment to be discreet. Here’s why ceramic braces may be the right treatment for you.

What Are Ceramic Braces?

Very similar to traditional metal braces, ceramic braces have a clear appearance. The brackets are clear or colored to match the teeth, and the wires can be frosted to blend in as well. Ceramic braces work the same as metal braces. In adjusting the wire to apply pressure, the teeth are guided gradually into their proper positions within the mouth. Ceramic braces can fix a variety of common orthodontic issues, including overbites, underbites, alignment issues and spacing problems, and come with a multitude of benefits.

Why Ceramic Braces?

The obvious benefit of ceramic braces is that they’re less noticeable, which is a big factor in many patients’ decision to opt for this type of treatment. Ceramic braces are perfect for adults or older teenagers who are concerned braces will affect their appearance and are responsible enough to take care of this type of braces. This type of treatment is durable and easy to remove once treatment has finished, and they can appear virtually invisible from far away and in photos.

What To Know About Ceramic Braces

It’s apparent that ceramic braces come with many benefits, but there are aspects to keep in mind if you opt for this type of orthodontic treatment. First and foremost, oral hygiene. Proper oral hygiene is a must for everyone, whether they have braces or not, but especially for those who have ceramic braces. Ceramic braces can stain if not taken care of properly and it’s best to avoid certain foods. These foods include:

  • Dark sodas
  • Coffee
  • Red wine
  • Tomato sauce

These foods are the main culprits when it comes to staining ceramic braces. By brushing and flossing regularly, especially after meals, you’ll be able to maintain a pristine appearance with your ceramic braces. Another aspect to note is ceramic braces can be a bit more brittle, so taking care not to eat hard candies or tough meats can avoid damaging the brackets. All in all, if you maintain your oral hygiene and listen to your orthodontist, you’ll have no trouble with this type of treatment plan.

Ceramic Braces and You

Every patient is different. Some patients may not need their braces to blend in and will opt for traditional metal braces. But if you’re one of the many who are concerned how braces will affect their appearance, ceramic braces may be for you. Working exactly like traditional metal braces, ceramic braces give you the best of both worlds…security in knowing your braces are working and comfort in the fact they’re not affecting your appearance.