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Invisalign invisible braces

Convenient, discreet, and effective.

Invisalign® is an innovative approach to straightening teeth that eliminates some of the inconveniences associated with orthodontic treatment. As an Invisalign Gold Plus provider, Smith Orthodontics has helped hundreds of patients achieve their perfect smiles with Invisalign.

How Invisalign Works

Instead of using brackets and wires to move teeth like braces do, Invisalign uses clear, plastic aligners. Each set of aligners is slightly different in shape, with the first set similar to the original tooth placement and the last set shaped the way the teeth will be when in their proper places.

The rest of the aligners change slightly to gradually move the teeth from their original positions to their desired positions.

It’s important to note that these aligners should be worn at least 20-22 hours every day or the treatment won’t be as effective.

Different Types of Invisalign

The four main types of Invisalign are used based on the issues to be treated and the age of the patient:


How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

The average cost of Invisalign in the U.S. is between $3000 and $9000, which is a pretty wide range. So where in this range would your treatment fall?

As with any orthodontic treatment, the cost of Invisalign depends on the severity of the issues that need fixed. Someone who is using Invisalign to straighten a couple teeth that have shifted since they got their braces off several years ago is going to pay less than someone who has never had treatment and is dealing with fairly complicated issues.

The best way to determine how much your Invisalign treatment would cost is to schedule a free exam and consultation at our office. We can go over the cost and available payment plans, and find out if your health or dental insurance includes coverage for Invisalign.

The Benefits of Invisalign Invisible Braces


There are several benefits to using Invisalign to straighten your teeth:

  1. Because the aligners are clear, they are almost invisible, which is why some people call Invisalign “invisible braces”
  2. There are no food restrictions since the aligners are removed when you eat
  3. Without brackets and wires, brushing and flossing are easier
  4. Aligners can be replaced with protective mouthguards when playing sports

Invisalign Reviews

  "As an adult male, I was skeptical of going through the orthodontic treatment process. Dr. Amy and her staff were very accomodating to my professional schedule, and the use of the invisalign system fit with both my professional and personal life.” - Eric

  "You won’t get better treatment anywhere else! The staff is not only professional and intelligent but they are so nice, humble, warm and welcoming. I have no complaints at all and I am so happy with your results with Invisalign!!!” - Stephanie

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