Girl with affordable braces

Paying for Braces

Let’s be honest…there are a lot of things we have to allot money to each month. Car payment, rent or mortgage, utilities, groceries, the list goes on, and adding another expense can seem almost impossible.You may have just gotten the news that braces are in your family’s future and are wondering how you’re ever going to pay for them. The good news is there are many ways to pay for braces, so don’t worry. Let’s discuss paying for braces and your options.

Paying with Insurance

Many insurance plans offer orthodontic coverage, and many orthodontists, including Smith Orthodontics, accept most insurance plans. So, if you’re thinking about paying for braces with insurance, do a little research into the best insurance plan to meet your needs. Many health insurance plans will offer partial coverage for patients under 18, so check with your provider to see who’s covered and for how much. Also ask if there are any programs in place to assist you in paying for treatment, your insurance provider may offer you a supplemental plan to assist with this expense.

Credit Cards and Payment Plans

Another option is to pay for braces using a credit card. Orthodontists accept most major credit cards and make it easy to pay using their online patient portals. Through the portals, you’re able to:

  • Pay your bill
  • Change/view your appointments
  • View payment history
  • Print out flexible spending account reimbursement/tax receipts

Some orthodontists will even offer in-house payment plans and discounts. It’s best to speak with your orthodontist to discuss a plan of action. Remember, they’re there to help you, so don’t think they won’t work with you to figure out a solution.

Other Payment Options

Health savings accounts (HSA) and flexible spending accounts (FSA) are available to help pay for braces. They work by setting aside pre-tax money to assist in paying for medical treatment. Another payment option is having a savings account, dedicated to orthodontic treatment. Many parents plan ahead and allot “just-in-case” funds for things like braces.

Having a Plan to Pay for Braces

It’s important to discuss your best plan of action before beginning treatment. After all, you don’t want to worry about how you’re going to pay for braces on top of having the added responsibility of taking care of them. Be honest with your orthodontist and they’ll help you devise a plan to ensure your treatment is affordable for you and goes smoothly from beginning to end.

Your smile is a big part of your life and worrying about paying for braces shouldn’t be at the forefront of your mind. Do a little research into your options and talk to your orthodontic team to find the best solution for you.