The best orthodontist in Ripley WV discusses if getting braces off hurts

Does Getting Braces Off Hurt?

One of the biggest concerns people have with braces is if they are going to hurt. If you currently have braces, you know there is some mild discomfort when you first get them on and your teeth and mouth are adjusting to the brackets and wires. You may also have had minor pain after getting your braces adjusted. Now that it’s time to get them removed, you may be worried about experiencing pain again. But rest assured, you have nothing to fear!

How Braces Are Removed

So, what exactly does getting your braces off look like? You may be surprised to know the procedure itself is very drama-free. The actual process of removing braces is fairly quick and simple, so you’ll be able to take a look at your new smile shortly after arriving at your orthodontist’s office.

Your orthodontist will start by taking a sanitized tool and squeezing the bracket on each tooth. This will separate the wires and brackets from your teeth, allowing your orthodontist to simply lift your braces out of your teeth once they are done clipping.

After this, there is one other quick step. Since the bonding material will still be on the surface of your teeth, your orthodontist will polish the surface of your teeth to gently remove the dental glue.

Will Getting My Braces off Hurt?

The process of getting your braces removed is essentially painless. Using the specialized braces-removal tools, there isn’t much force needed to clip the brackets off of your teeth. And the process of polishing your teeth after your braces are off is no more intense than getting a teeth-cleaning from your dentist.

That being said, your teeth will need to adjust to not having braces on them anymore, which can result in temporary tenderness. You may also notice some inflammation in your gums right after your appointment. This should go away after only a few days, and is easily managed with an over-the-counter pain medication if needed.

What Else Happens During My Appointment?

You won’t be quite done once your braces are off and your teeth are polished. Your orthodontist will need to get impressions or digital scans of your teeth to create your retainer. This process is generally the same as what you went through when you first started treatment. After the orthodontist has the information they need to create your retainer, you’ll be on your way. When your retainer is ready, you’ll just need to pick it up and wear it according to your doctor’s instructions.

After you get your braces off, you should have bright, shiny teeth thanks, but if you didn’t stay on top of your recommended cleaning routine, you might end up with some spots on your teeth. While you may want to jump right into starting teeth-whitening, it’s often best to wait a few months since professional procedures can cause some tooth sensitivity.

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