Dealing with Discomfort


Braces Pain Shouldn't be Frequent

Having braces doesn’t hurt all the time like some people think. In fact, discomfort rarely occurs and can usually be remedied fairly easily. If you are experiencing pain frequently or intensely, make an appointment right away.

Finding Relief

If you do experience some discomfort when you first get your braces on, get them adjusted, or start Invisalign (which is common), there are several ways to treat it.


  1. Over-the-counter pain medication: Taking ibuprofen or other pain reliever can help with your discomfort. Just be sure to follow the dosing instructions and take it under adult supervision if you are under 18. If you normally are a little sore after an adjustment, taking a pain reliever before you come for your appointment can also be helpful.
  2. Topical ointment: There are ointments (e.g. Orajel) available that you can apply to your gums and cheeks to numb them until the tenderness goes away.
  3. Warm treatment: Rinsing with warm salt water can help heal gums or cheeks irritated by new brackets or wires.
  4. Cold treatment: Cold often helps relieve pain too. Try using an ice pack on the outside of your mouth to reduce any inflammation, or slowly drink a glass of ice water and let the cold liquid numb your mouth.
  5. Orthodontic wax: Coating new brackets with orthodontic wax can reduce the irritation to your cheeks, tongue and gums until they adjust to your new braces.


We cannot stress enough that none of our patients should ever endure extended periods of pain because of their orthodontic treatment. If you or your child have intense or long-lasting pain, please contact us immediately so we can determine the cause and get it fixed.

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