WildSmiles Braces


Express yourself with your smile.

Is your child reluctant to get braces? Get them excited about their orthodontic treatment with WildSmiles®!

What Are WildSmiles?

Dr. Clarke Stevens, a practicing orthodontist from Omaha, Nebraska, wanted kids to be able to express themselves with their braces. Colored bands were already available, so he decided to focus on the brackets that attach to the teeth, and WildSmiles braces were the result.

WildSmiles braces move teeth just like traditional braces, but instead of rectangles, the brackets come in the following fun shapes:

  • Heart
  • Star
  • Flower
  • Football
  • Diamond
  • Sports ball

Different bracket shapes can be combined, and colored bands can be added, giving your child the ability to be creative with their smile.


Disney Braces are here!

Hey Disney fans! Now you can show your love for America's favorite mouse on your teeth! These awesome Mickey Mouse brackets can be used on all of your front teeth, or combined with other WildSmiles shapes.

Do WildSmiles Braces Work?

Yes. WildSmiles were designed and patented by an orthodontist, and they provide the same results as traditional braces. The only difference is the patient will enjoy wearing them more, so treatment may seem to go by faster.

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