%p What sets Smith Orthodontics apart and above the others

What Sets Us Apart

The Smith Orthodontics difference

Every day, Dr. Amy Smith and our team help people just like you to achieve their healthiest, most beautiful smiles! Through advanced techniques, an eye for lasting aesthetics, and a focus on each person’s unique concerns and goals, we create lifetimes of incredible smiles!

Patient- Centered Care

Our practice places you at the forefront of all we do. You’ll never feel like a number on a chart during visits; not only will we know your name, but we’ll also remember what’s happening in your life. Your visits are a time for us to catch up with a friend and we’ll look forward to seeing you. We hope you’ll feel the same!

Communication is the foundation of our practice. We want you to feel free to ask us questions, talk about your concerns, and let us know if something is bothering you. We promise always to be transparent, honest, and ethical.

Respect is guaranteed when you’re a patient at Smith Orthodontics. We’re respectful of you as a person, and we deliver personalized care that will help you achieve your best smile in a timely and affordable manner.

Education is an essential part of orthodontic care. We’ll explain what’s happening in your mouth, walk you through each part of the treatment, and teach you about your oral health. Not only do we want you to finish with an amazing smile, we want you to know how to keep it beautifully healthy!

Orthodontics is more than incredible smiles

Did you know that straightening your teeth can also make a lasting improvement in your oral and overall health? Well-aligned teeth are easier to clean properly, so it’s less likely you’ll develop dental disease in the future. Orthodontic care also creates a healthy bite. This decreases the stress on your face and neck muscles.

Of course, many people think braces mean beautiful smiles, and they’re right! Your new smile will improve your self-esteem, because you know you look great, and increase the confidence with which you meet the world. Our smiles are so important; you’ll finish treatment with one you love to share!

Making treatment fun

We want you to have fun at Smith Orthodontics, so we offer many patient giveaways and contests. And every summer we have an annual patient appreciation event, when we celebrate you!

Schedule a complimentary consultation

Please call our family-friendly Parkersburg, WV orthodontic office and schedule a consultation. Dr. Smith and our team can’t wait to welcome you to our family and start you on the path to a lifetime of confident, beautiful smiles! Call us today!