Suffering from jaw pain? We can help.

Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) which affects the jawbone joints and causes pain, is something we treat Smith Orthodontics.

Symptoms of TMD

While not always related to TMD, the following symptoms can be a sign of this condition and should be checked by an orthodontist:

  • Limited jaw movement
  • Recurring headaches or pain in neck
  • Pain when opening and closing mouth
  • Ringing or pain in one or both ears
  • A jaw that pops or clicks when the mouth is opened

How We Treat TMJ Disorders

The issues associated with TMD are often caused by a misalignment of your jaws or teeth. By straightening your teeth and realigning your jaws with braces, we can often reduce or eliminate the symptoms and discomfort.

If braces won’t correct the issue, or you are in severe pain, we can provide orthotics, which are appliances worn on your bottom teeth to help realign the jaws and relieve any tension or pressure on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). We also refer patients to professionals who specialize in physical therapy for TMD.


Other Causes of Jaw Pain

TMD is not the only cause of jaw discomfort. Other factors that may cause similar symptoms include stress, clenching of the jaw, and regular teeth grinding either when awake or at night.

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