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Which Comes First, Flossing or Brushing?

Discover whether flossing or brushing comes first from an orthodontist in Parkersburg WV

You’ve been brushing your teeth for years now, making sure you’re utilizing proper brushing practices and seeing your dentist regularly. Your dentist recommends that you incorporate flossing into your routine to yield better results, but you’re confused about when to add this step into your process. You want to maintain the best oral hygiene you…

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Limiting How Much Sugar You Eat with Braces

Limiting Sugar with Braces

By now, you have probably heard that sugar isn’t really good for us. After all, it has been proven to cause health issues, such as tooth decay and an increased risk for diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Limiting our sugar intake should be taken seriously, and it’s especially important when you have braces. Limiting how…

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