Life After Braces or Invisalign


Your treatment is done. Now what?

It may not seem like it now, but you will eventually be done with your treatment and have the healthy smile you’ve always wanted.

Getting Your Braces Off

When the day to get your braces removed arrives, here is what you should do and what you can expect:

  • Brush your teeth and braces thoroughly before you come to the office and take one last picture of yourself with braces.
  • During your appointment, we will remove the wires first, then your brackets and metal bands. This step sometimes causes a little discomfort, but shouldn’t be too painful.
  • If there is cement left on your teeth once the brackets are removed, it will be scraped off. This doesn’t hurt, but it may feel strange.
  • Some people experience a little discomfort when their braces are removed. Taking an over-the-counter pain reliever, eating soft foods for a couple day, or doing one of the other remedies on our Dealing with Discomfort page can help.

If you used Invisalign to improve your smile, your orthodontist will do a final check and remove any buttons or attachments on your teeth.

The Importance of Wearing Your Retainer

A retainer is one of the most important parts of orthodontic treatment, whether you had braces or Invisalign. At your last appointment, we will give you a removable retainer or install a permanent one, along with instructions for how long to wear it each day and how to care for it.

Not wearing your retainer enough can allow your teeth to shift, undoing all of the hard work of the last several months. If they shift too much, your retainer will no longer fit and you may require additional treatment in the future.


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