Invisalign Teen

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Invisalign isn’t just for adults

When we talk about people getting Invisalign, adults in professional settings most often come to mind. But Invisalign is also a great option for teens, especially when they use Invisalign Teen.

Benefits of Invisalign Teen

Teens who are able to take responsibility for the plastic aligners used with Invisalign and commit to the 20-22 hours they need to be worn can enjoy the same benefits adults do with this treatment.


What Makes Invisalign Teen Different

Invisalign Teen takes the full treatment designed for adults and adds a few unique features:

  • Compliance indicators: This feature just as valuable to the parent as it is to the patient. Blue dots on each aligner gradually fade as the aligners are worn, showing whether or not the teen is spending enough time in treatment.
  • Room for growth: Some teens still have molars coming in when they start treatment, so Invisalign Teen leaves room for these teeth and guides them into place.
  • Replacement aligners: Things happen, especially when it comes to teens keeping aligners safe. The people at Invisalign understand this, which is why they provide several replacement aligners free of charge to every Invisalign Teen patient.

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