Gold Braces

Get gold braces for the cost of silver in Parkersburg or Ripley WV

Celebrate your smile with gold braces

Not everyone wants to hide their orthodontic treatment. Some people want to celebrate the entire process. If you are one of those people, gold braces might be for you.

The Effectiveness of Gold Braces

Although these braces may look like they are made of gold, they are actually made of the same medical-grade stainless steel that silver braces are. Gold is too soft to effectively move teeth and would make the cost of treatment too expensive.

Since they are made from the same material as traditional braces, gold braces provide the same level of treatment, just with a little more style.

How Much Do Gold Braces Cost?

Although they sound and look luxurious, gold braces generally don’t cost much more than silver braces. In fact, at Smith Orthodontics, they are the same price. So if you want a unique look but don’t want to spend more on your treatment, these braces are a great fit!

Getting Started

Starting treatment with gold braces is the same as with other braces. You will need an initial exam, which is free at Smith Orthodontics, to determine if it is the right treatment type for you. We will take x-rays and digital images and do a thorough exam before recommending a treatment plan and discussing payment options. Then the braces will be placed at the next appointment and you will be on your way to a straighter, healthier smile.