Dealing with a Braces Emergency


Things happen. Here's how to handle them.

Whether your child breaks a wire while eating a forbidden food, or you drop one of your Invisalign trays somewhere that makes you never want to put it back in your mouth again, don’t panic.

Some problems require immediate assistance, while others can be handled at home or wait until your next appointment. 

One of the best ways to find out how to handle an orthodontic problem is to submit photos for a virtual consultation. It saves you the hassle of scheduling an appointment and coming to our office if the problem can easily be fixed.

Simply submit photos here and we will contact you with the solution!

Lost or damaged Invisalign aligner

If you had just started wearing the aligner, use the previous aligner until you can get a replacement. If it was almost time to switch to a new aligner, start wearing the new one and we’ll determine whether you need a replacement or not.

Broken Wire

If the end of the wire is poking the cheek or gums, use an eraser on the end of a pencil and try to gently bend it away from any soft areas and back toward the teeth. You can also use a little orthodontic wax to stick the wire back on the bracket or make the end less sharp.

Loose Bracket

If the bracket is loose but still attached to the tooth, try not to knock it off of the tooth. If it is already detached from the tooth, undo the elastic band holding it to the wire (or open the little gate on the bracket if you have self-ligating braces) and put it in a safe place until you come in.

Out-Of-Town Emergency

If you encounter an issue while you are out of town, contact an orthodontist in that area. Most of us are willing to help someone whether they are a patient or not. If you are visiting Parkersburg and need help, please call our office at (304) 826-1766.

If you have an issue you don’t think can wait, you can call our office after hours or on the weekend and one of us will be able to assist you.

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