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Get to Know Chelsy!

In April, Dr. Smith acquired another practice, which means there may be some new faces in the office for some of our patients! Let’s get to know these smiling faces as we welcome them to the practice. Meet Chelsy, one of our orthodontic technicians… 1. What was your childhood nickname? Candy Cain 2. What was…

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Get to Know Robeyn!

Seeing some new faces in the office lately? They are from the practice that Smith Orthodontics acquired a few months ago! Let’s meet some of these new additions to the team! Meet Robeyn! 1. What is the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time? Read. 2. Have you ever played an instrument or a…

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Get to Know Rene!

If you’ve been seeing some new faces around the office, you’re not alone! In April, Smith Orthodontics acquired a new practice and with it, came some talented, smiling faces! Let’s get to know Insurance and Scheduling Coordinator, Rene… 1. What was your favorite book, toy or outfit as a child? Harry Potter. 2. What is…

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How Do Braces Move Your Teeth?

When you think of ways to straighten your teeth, braces are likely the first thing that pops into your head. But how exactly does this set of metal wires, brackets, and bands move teeth into the right position? Parts of Braces Traditional braces are made up of a few different parts, which all work together…

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Finding the Right Orthodontist for Your Family

When you or your kids need orthodontic treatment, the last thing you want to do is settle. While you may think every orthodontist is more or less the same, it’s worth it to carefully pick the right orthodontist for your family. Here are some elements to consider when looking for an orthodontist who will be…

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What Is Orthodontics?


You’ve probably heard of an orthodontist. They’re the ones who provide patients with braces to give them a perfect smile, right? Although that is part of what an orthodontist does, the field of orthodontics is complex and very important to our health. Often the issues with our teeth are more than just cosmetic. Abnormal jaw…

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