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The Best Dental Floss to Use with Braces

Find out what the best floss is to use with braces in Ripley WV

Out of the changes you’ll need to get used to when you have braces, one of the most important adjustments will be how you floss your teeth. Right away, the idea of flossing with braces presents a major problem: The wires are directly in the way of the floss. Because of this, you’ll need to…

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Braces Issues You Can Solve or Avoid

Find out how to fix and avoid braces issues from the best orthodontist in Ripley WV

The idea of adding metal wires and brackets to your teeth to straighten them definitely sounds like it could come with some risks. However, orthodontic treatment with braces has been refined over the years to be incredibly safe and effective for patients. It still isn’t without some potential hiccups, though. Since your orthodontist will be…

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Why You Should Do a Virtual Consult with an Orthodontist

Discover how easy it is to do a free virtual consult with an orthodontist in Ripley WV

The world of orthodontics continues to evolve, and not only in terms of new treatment options like Invisalign. Due to advances in technology, getting started with orthodontic treatment is easier than ever. Here at Smith Orthodontics, you can now start your journey towards straighter teeth by doing a virtual consult.  How Do Virtual Consults Work?…

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Getting Whiter Teeth While You Have Braces

Getting whiter teeth with braces in Ripley WV

When you begin orthodontic treatment with braces, you’ll certainly be eager to reach the end and finally see your new smile. And while straightening your teeth will no doubt improve the look of your smile, you may want to brighten your smile as well. Here’s what you need to know about getting whiter teeth with…

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Is It Wise to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Should your teen get their wisdom teeth removed? The best orthodontist in Ripley WV

One familiar rite of passage many teens experience is having their wisdom teeth removed. Given that this procedure obviously affects the teeth and it happens around the time many people get braces, you’re likely wondering how wisdom teeth affect orthodontics. As it turns out, the answer isn’t so straightforward.  What Are Wisdom Teeth? Most people…

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Do DIY Braces Make Sense?

Discover why DIY braces in Parkersburg is not a good idea.

Doing projects or crafts yourself at home can be a cheap and fun alternative to simply paying for certain services or products. However, there are some things that you should always leave to the professionals. This is especially true when it comes to orthodontic treatment. While this may seem like a given, recent trends show…

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