Invsalign Touchup


Small Problem? Quick Results.

Invisalign Touchup takes the shortest amount of time and fixes a couple minor issues.

Perfect for Those Two or Three Imperfect Teeth

Invisalign Touchup will cost you less, as little as $650 in fact, but that doesn't mean it's a cheaper product. Aligners are made to the same standards as those used for Invisalign Full and Lite, there are just fewer of them.

With only five to ten aligners being used over a three-to-six month period, the expense of Invisalign Touchup is lower and the treatment time is shorter.


Is Invisalign Touchup a Good Fit for You?

During your initial exam, we will create digital images of your teeth to determine if Invisalign Touchup will fix your minor issues or if you would benefit more from Invisalign Lite or Full.

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