Invisalign Full


Comprehensive, Invisible Treatment.

Invisalign Full is the most comprehensive Invisalign treatment available for adults. Its teeth straightening power rivals traditional braces, especially when Invisalign attachments are included in the treatment plan.

How Long Does Invisalign Full Take to Straighten Teeth?

Because Invisalign Full is the treatment used to fix the toughest adult issues Invisalign can handle, it is also takes the longest. An Invisalign Full patient can expect to be wearing aligners anywhere between nine months and two years.

However, because Invisalign is so convenient, your treatment will be over and you’ll be enjoying a healthier smile before you know it.


Invisalign Attachments

As with braces, adding attachments to your Invisalign Full treatment plan can increase its effectiveness. Tooth-colored buttons on your teeth ensure the aligners stay snug and are completely removed when treatment is complete. They can also be used with elastic bands to correct certain jaw alignment issues.

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